Who Can We Help   
We can help any business with regular laundry needs
  • rest homes and medical centres
  • hotels, motel, lodges
  • apartment managers and owners
  • accommodation service providers
  • beauty salons, hairdressers
  • sports teams
  • restaurants, caterers
  • cafe's, bars
  • gyms, offices
  • crèches, schools

What we offer your business or sports team:
Laundry   |  Drycleaning  |  Linen Hire
Specialised wash programs
Our washing machines are programmed with specialised wash cycles for kitchen cloths, sports gear, white linen, bedding and cleaning cloths. 

Pick up and delivery service
Daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or when you need us (just give us 24 hours notice)   We can organise a regular pickup schedule or you can phone or email when you require the laundry collected. We will collect the laundry the following day. 

Ironing and Pressing service
We have roller presses for sheets and tablecloths as well as irons for shirts and aprons.  We also have a brand new iron which can be used to do shirts tops and dresses and also jackets.   We can wash and press or just press your linen for you.

Dry Cleaning
If you want items dry cleaned, please advise us and clearly label the item and put in a separate bag.

7 day Service
We are open 7 days a week and provide a pick up delivery service 7 days in the Central and Northern Wellington Area.  You can organise a regular pick up, drop off service or you can phone us with your order as required.   This particularly suits businesses who may not be certain of their requirements or who have fluctuating requirements due to events or seasons.

Your Key to Professional Service
Wash, dry, fold service
Save time and energy, get your laundry washed and folded.  We can wash only, dry only, wash and dry only or wash, dry and fold.   Your bag will be tagged for identification.  Your laundry will be washed separately in one load.  We charge by weight and the laundry will be weighed when it is clean and dry, after washing and drying.

Linen Hire Service
We hire a large range of linen.  Please see the Linen Hire page.  We will supply you with the linen you order and return the following week or earlier to collect the soiled linen.   You can have a standing order or you can email or fax your order through to us and we will deliver the following day.

Sorting and Splitting loads
We do not go through, sort or split your laundry for you.  If you want your laundry washed in separate loads, it should be separated into different bags before we pick it up or you drop it off to us.

Laundry Bags
We will supply you with washable laundry bags if you do not have your own.  Bags are labeled with a yellow plastic tag for identification.  We will return your laundry in a clean bag.

Curtain Cleaning
We can wash these in water and machine or hang dry for you or we can send them to the dry cleaners or we are also agents for Specialist Curtain Cleaners.   If you would like us to send them to Curtain Clean for you just bring them into us.  If you would like a quote or have any questions please contact Curtain Clean direct.
Curtain Clean BOP Ltd provide a specialist curtain service.  Please visit their website for more information:  www.curtaincleaners.co.nz

Your Responsibility
It is your responsibility to make sure that all items you send us are suitable for water machine washing and machine drying.  We will not go through your laundry for you.   We will take no responsibility for damage to woolens or other dry clean only items that you put into the laundry bag.  Please also check for pens and other items in pockets that can damage your laundry.

Your Linen
Not all linen is colour fast.  Please be aware that if you purchase new linen and it is a dark colour, it may run.  It is best to let us know so that we can process it separately for the first wash.

You will get a docket with each laundry job which will have details of the service provided.   You will be invoiced monthly.  All accounts are payable by the 20th of the following month.  All accounts are payable by the 20th day of the month following the invoice date or earlier if requested. If the account is not paid within 30 days after the due date, our debt recovery agency may charge you a fee equal to 25% of the unpaid portion of the invoice amount, plus other legal and collection costs not covered by this fee.  The minimum fee will be $30.00.  KPC Laundry reserves the right to withhold deliveries when the account becomes overdue
        KPC  Laundry & Hire Services Ltd  

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KPC Laundry & Hire Services Limited.  Ph. 0800 536 536,  Email. info@kpclaundry.co.nz    www.kpclaundry.co.nz
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