Clothing or uniforms
We can launder or dryclean -  uniforms, aprons, chef's jackets and other clothing.  

Kitchen and Cleaning Cloths
These are washed on a customised hot wash and can be washed and folded or just washed and dried.

Table Linen
We can wash and fold or press all of your table linen.  If requested we can do a stain treatment for you.

Bed Linen
We can wash and fold  your bed linen.  If your prefer we can press your sheets giving a more professional finish.  Sheets are pressed folded in half and will have a press line down the middle. 

Towels, face cloths etc
Massage towels, hairdressers towels, spa or gym towels.  Towels are lovely and fluffy out of our large dryers.  Save time and money and get us to do your towels for you.

Duvets, Blankets and pillows
These large items are best done in large machines.  We wash duvets and blankets as per the label instructions.  These are then folded and packed in your laundry bag or plastic wrap for return.  Please do not store these items in plastic wrap.  It is best to check the label on your duvets to confirm if they are washable or dry clean only.  If they are dryclean only we can send them onto our drycleaning agent.  If there is no label we will wash as per your instructions and ask you to complete a disclaimer form. 

Mattress Protectors and Valances
We will wash and fold your mattress protectors and valances.   We can press valances if requested.  These will be washed on cold and dryed on cool.  It is best to check the label on your valance to confirm they are not dry clean only.

We can wash your curtains for you.  These are washed on cold and dryed on cool or hung to dry.  We then steam or iron to press.  We can do stain treatments on curtains if requested.   Results can vary and depend on the the type of curtain material, age and condition.  We take no responsibility for damage to curtains throughout the washing and drying process.  We are also agents for Specialist Curtain Cleaners.   If you would like us to send them to Curtain Clean for you just bring them into us.  If you would like a quote or have any questions please contact Curtain Clean direct.
Curtain Clean BOP Ltd provide a specialist curtain service.  Please visit their website for more information:

Sports strips or uniforms
We have done the match strips and training gear for the Sevens Tournament held in February for the last 4 years.  We also do several other club tournaments throughout the year.  along with rugby we process strips for soccer and school sports teams.  We are experienced with the special needs for processing sports strips.  Our washing machines are programmed with "rugby wash cycles" that provide extra rinse and wash cycles at low temperatures.  We dry all strips at low heat and fold neatly with the jersey numbers facing upwards.   Your teams can drop laundry to us after their game in the weekend or we can collect the strips from you club rooms once a week on Monday and return by Thursday.  We have a sign in sign out system for tracking all strips that are brought into the laundry.  The strips can be dropped off at either of our branches, Newtown or Porirua depending on which is more convenient.

Stain Treatments
We can do a stain treatment wash or overnight stain soak if requested.  We do not guarantee results as they depend on the type and age of the stain along with the type, age and quality of the cloth.

Your Key to Professional Service
Commercial Laundry Service
We offer a professional wash, dry and fold service.
We provide specialised commercial services for  :

Resthomes & Medical Centres
Accommodation Providers
Beauty Salons, Hairdressers & Spas
Restaurants, Caterers, Cafe's & Bars
Creches & Child Care Centres
Gym's, Schools & Offices
KPC Laundry & Hire Services Limited.  Ph. 0800 536 536,  Email.
Porirua City Laundrette™ Branch, Kilkerran Pl, Porirua Ph. 04 237 5010 Fax. 04 237 5016
Newtown Laundrette, Wilson St, Newtown Ph. 389 8156  Fax. 389 8157

Your Key to Professional Service
        KPC  Laundry & Hire Services Ltd  

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