Iron -  shirts, trousers,  chefs jackets and uniforms,
We will press your shirts, trousers, chefs jackets.   These will be hung on hangers and covered in protective plastic.

Iron - aprons
We will wash and press or just press your aprons from front of house or kitchen.  These will then be folded.

Press  - Bed Linen
We can press your sheets, pillow slips, duvet covers.  Sheets are folded in half to run through the press and will therefore have a press line down the middle of the sheet.

Press  - Table linen
We can press your tablecloths, napkins and other linen. 

Pick up and delivery
We can organise a regular pickup schedule or you can phone or email when you require the laundry collected.
We will collect the laundry the following day. 

Ironing and Pressing Services
KPC Laundry & Hire Services Limited.  Ph. 0800 536 536,  Email.
Porirua City Laundrette™ Branch, Kilkerran Pl, Porirua Ph. 04 237 5010 Fax. 04 237 5016
Newtown Laundrette, Wilson St, Newtown Ph. 389 8156  Fax. 389 8157

Your Key to Professional Service
        KPC  Laundry & Hire Services Ltd  

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