We guarantee the quality of all of our hire linen. 
All of our linen is pressed, hand folded and checked prior to packing for delivery.

We can provide:
Bed linen, Table linen, Kitchen linen and mats for accommodation providers, restaurants and cafes.

Our range of Linen available for Hire  


Ordering and delivery
We hire a large range of linen.   We will supply you with the linen you order and return the following week or earlier to collect the soiled linen.    We can organise a standing order or you can phone, email or fax your order at least the day before.  Alternatively we can keep the stock on your shelves at a preset level.  We provide a 7 day service and can deliver linen weekly or fortnightly.   We will collect any soiled/used linen when we deliver your order of clean linen. 

There is a minimum charge for linen hire of $20.00 plus GST per delivery .  Delivery is included in the per item price. Please email us for a quote giving us an indication of the frequency of deliveries your require and the approximate weekly quantity.  All prices are per item delivered and are exclusive of GST.  There are no other bag fees, environmental or inventory charges.  We offer 7 day, top quality service.  If you wish to discuss our pricing please do not hesitate to call us.

Laundry Bags
We will deliver the linen in a laundry bag or plastic wrap.  We will provide, free of charge, a laundry bag for you to put the used linen into for us to collect.

Retained Stock
There is a minimum charge per linen order of $20.00 plus GST.  If you have not had another delivery within the 14 day period following, you will be charged a retained stock charge which is equal to 50% of the previous order with a minimum charge of $10.00.  If we are satisfied that we have collected all of our stock there will be no charge until your next delivery when you will be charged as per your order.

Terms and Ownership
Each delivery will have a delivery docket with the count of the items that are delivered to you.  You will be invoiced monthly for all deliveries done that month.  All accounts are payable by the 20th of the following month.  The ownership of hire items provided remains with KPC Laundry & Hire Services Ltd and in the event that you choose to discontinue the laundry arrangements we would require the return of all items as supplied. 

Your Key to Professional Service
        KPC  Laundry & Hire Services Ltd  

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