Tea towels
We have two grades of tea towels available for hire.  They are both 100 gm, 50 x 75.  
We supply the green / blue tea towel for the kitchen and the red / blue for front of house.

Dish cloths
This is a cotton cloth for use in the kitchen and is
39 x 39, 42 gm.

Bar Wipes
This is a grey cotton cloth for use in the kitchen or bar
42 x 50.


Kitchen Linen available for Hire
If we do not list below the exact item you would like to hire please call us. 
KPC Laundry & Hire Services Limited.  Ph. 0800 536 536,  Email. info@kpclaundry.co.nz    www.kpclaundry.co.nz
Porirua City Laundrette™ Branch, Kilkerran Pl, Porirua Ph. 04 237 5010 Fax. 04 237 5016   www.poriruacitylaundrette.co.nz
Newtown Laundrette, Wilson St, Newtown Ph. 389 8156  Fax. 389 8157   www.newtownlaundrette.co.nz

Your Key to Professional Service
        KPC  Laundry & Hire Services Ltd  

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