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Our range of Linen available for Hire



We guarantee the quality of all our hire linen.

All our linen is pressed, hand folded and checked prior to packing for delivery.


We can provide:

Bed linen, Table linen, Kitchen linen and mats for accommodation providers,

restaurants and cafes.



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Ordering and delivery


We can organise a standing order or you can phone or email your order through to us and we will deliver the following day. We are happy to work with you to organise a system that provides the best results for you. We provide a 7 day service and can deliver linen daily, weekly or fortnightly.


We do not charge bag fees, packing fees, environmental or inventory fees and delivery and pickup is included in the linen hire price.


We will deliver the linen in laundry bags and can provide laundry bag frames that will hold the bag open for you to easily put the dirty linen into for us to collect.



Terms and Ownership


Each delivery will have a delivery docket with the count of the items that are delivered to you.  You will be invoiced monthly for all deliveries done that month.  All accounts are payable by the 20th of the following month.  The ownership of hire items provided remains with KPC Laundry & Hire Services Ltd.






Phone: 0800 536 536 Email:
Phone: 0800 536 536 Email:
Phone: 0800 536 536 Email: